Where You Live..

Where You Live..

The housing market depends on many factors and changes, but where you live is a big one.

Your rent prices and homes prices may be a lot different than the national averages.

Twenty Percent Down or Not

The concern about being “house poor” is a valid one. You don’t want all of your net worth to be tied up in your home, and that’s essentially what being house poor is—when you can’t afford to make ends meet, because you’ve spent everything on a house. 

For the first and last point, one might argue that you should simply continue renting and saving until you can afford to put down 20 percent (and still pay your monthly expenses with ease) …or are there other options?

As we’ve said before: you don’t have to buy a home.

Don’t forego financial basics and buy a house for emotional reasons, or because it’s expected of you. 


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