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What Is BenefiTalk?

For many employees, the workplace has become the primary source for obtaining financial products and health benefits for an employee’s entire family.

Your company has a timely opportunity to help your employees manage the responsibility for their financial security. Your Human Resource Department can help employees take actions by offering quality benefits programs and educating their workers on how to use these benefits effectively.

We provide combination of group workshops, one-on-one counseling sessions, online resources, and other outreach and education. Your company can join the increasing percentage of employers offering financial education programs as they try to help their employees deal with

Most times one of your valuable employee’s taking action begins when they consult with a financial professional to help them assess their current situation and set goals for the future. We provide your Human Resources Department with the scope of a benefit plan designed to encourage financial (mortgage and real estate) guidance and / or products that help your employee achieve his or her goals or it can be as comprehensive as arranging on-site seminars and group rates for services. Either way it’s a win / win with low costs and huge upsideyou’re your employer and employee relationship.

With a much more diverse range of employee relationships changing the way businesses offer compensation and benefits, you know that rewarding and retaining valuable, productive workers is key to success.

We provide the tools that allow your company to take a proactive approach to help your employees with the local real estate economy and managing personal finances.  Leading experts say that this relatively small investment from employers pays big dividends. More and more employers have to contend with poorer employee health, unnecessary absences, lower pay satisfaction, and poor workplace morale, not to mention more accidents.

working on fiancesSubstantial portions of employees have reasons for their growing concerns about personal finances, and the negative news about the lack of affordable mortgages and the current housing market is almost unavoidable.

BenefiTalk helps your company with today’s economic conditions by providing tools and resources that encourage employees to take a more active roll in planning for their financial future. According to the Employee Assistance Program juggernaut ComPsych’s new research, 92% of employees are losing sleep due to financial worries.

BenefiTalk provides support to your workers in taking action so your company is more likely to keep your most talented workers, particularly as benefits prove to be an even more important factor in employee loyalty and retention than ever before. In fact, Eighty-three percent of 450 HR professionals surveyed said their organizations will consider providing employees with financial educational literature and/or workshops by investment specialists, according to findings released November 2008 from a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) online poll.

It stands to reason that serving the employees in your company with real estate and mortgage consulting / planning and / or other home services fill a valuable need for the all parties:

  • More productive employees with their financial “house” in order.
  • An increase in the percentage of employees are asking their employer for more voluntary benefit programs. As an employer, your company is filling the need for real estate and mortgage guidance, plus other home services that can help employees by providing an easy to use resource using good quality referenced companies.

BenefiTalk provides mortgage and / or real estate services and similar home related services to your company as an employee benefit.